The brand

Yoroshe - Yoroshe est une plateforme de soins capillaires

What is yoroshe?

Yoroshe is a hair care platform that will help you better understand the specific needs and expectations of your hair  

 What does Yoroshe mean? 

 Yoroshe or “yoroshe imishatsi” means in Kirundi – the official language of Burundi which is a small country in the heart of Africa – “which facilitates hair styling”.


Aude Mirerekano

I grew up in Néchin in a village where we were the first immigrant family to settle. With a Portuguese mother and a Burundian father, my quest for identity has not always been easy. In lack of representation of afro hair around me, I quickly fell into straightening and coloring my hair at the age of 12. Later, I became aware of the natural beauty of my hair and decided to do a big chop when I was 23. Since then, I’ve been learning about hair and natural cosmetology so that I can give tailored advice to people who have gone through a similar life experience. In 2021, I decided to leave my full-time job as an emergency nurse and to fully embark on the Yoroshe adventure, to spread the message of love for oneself and one’s natural hair fiber.

Yoroshe - Aude la fondatrice
Yoroshe - Yoroshe est une plateforme de soins capillaires - Vision


During my experience, I realized that the women who participated in my hair workshops paid more attention to the products used than to the right gestures to take care of their hair. Yoroshe was born from the desire to share with everyone the appreciation of the nature of their hair by educating them on the different care and styling techniques as well as the appropriate products to integrate into their routine so that everyone can fully enjoy the benefits of a personalized hair routine.


Our missions are based on three main axes:

  • Training and teaching in the making of natural skin care products in an environment of sharing and learning 
  • The orientation of each person in a personalized way towards the advice most adapted to them and their problems.
  • Soon, the sale of quality Yoroshe  products made with respect to natur
Yoroshe - Mission
Yoroshe - Valeurs


  • Diversity: advice and workshops for all hair types, from straight to frizzy
  • Well-being: a friendly and pleasant environment conducive to personal development
  • Advice: a human accompaniment, listening with effective and customized hair advice
  • Natural: natural and ecological cosmetic products, to do yourself and the planet good
  • Learning: educational and friendly hair workshops to make you autonomous in your daily routine
  • Conviviality: a place to share with others, full of joy, to leave recharged with positive energy


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